About Our Products

Our products are open-box products, which means the product either

  • was dented or scratched during shipping. 
  • was a product that the retailer had too many of and wanted to get rid of them.
  • was returned by a customer due to its size, color, or a pure change of mind.

All products are fully functional, mostly with no signs of use, and come with a free 1 year warranty.

These products are graded into 3 grades based on the condition of the product and its usage:

  1. Like-New
    • Products that are pretty much brand new
    • Never used
    • Minimal signs of handling
  2. Good
    • Products that have minor cosmetic blemishes
    • No signs of use
  3. Satisfactory
    • Product may have visible dents or scratches
    • Possible signs of use